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Caught in the Crosshairs of American Healthcare

Now Available as an Audiobook.

Narrated by the author.


Who will make the critical decisions about the medical treatment you, your family, and friends receive? There is a war going on between profit-driven, healthcare insurance corporations and the doctors, nurses, and hospitals who have the mission and duty to be of benefit to you.

The corporations are winning, but the war is far from over.

“Dr. Sederer gives us a wise, penetrating look at the collision of traditional medicine with the “corporatization of healthcare”, now devouring the USA.” Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, MS, Pulitzer Prize winning author  

Sederer models a rare combination of clinical expertise, executive savvy, eloquence, and old-fashioned compassion in leading {a storied, fraying Harvard hospital} to clinically necessary, radical change…Required reading for transformational leadership.” Donald M. Berwick MD, MPP, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

“…a paradigm of clinical and cultural rebirth can preserve the integrity and humanism of modern medicine. A must read.” Andrew Chen, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer, US Olympic Nordic Sports 

“Sederer shows us how we can save, reshape and rethink the destiny and relevancy of our institutions, bureaucracies and communities.” Francis Greenburger, CEO of Time Equities and the Greenburger Literary Agency

Dear colleagues and friends:

I am a physician and healthcare executive who knows how to win. 

Crosshairs will give you the play by play. Lloyd Sederer, MD

Caught in the Crosshairs of American Healthcare Audiobook now available at:

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