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Mental health and substance use disorders are ubiquitous conditions that have an enormous impact on individuals and families, and often lead to social and financial burdens, and sometimes catastrophes. Current Controversies in Mental Health and Addictions: An Expert’s Anthology is Sederer’s compilation of his book and movie reviews, opinion blogs, and online articles on mental health and addiction. This compelling anthology helps readers understand and apply specific and every day mental health problems with their solutions.


The material is organized into sections that address topics such as substance use, abuse, and addiction; borderline personality disorder; depression and bipolar disorders; suicide; and recovery.


Current Controversies in Mental Health and Addictions provides a wealth of valuable information and insight for mental health professionals and lay readers alike. Applicable to numerous disciplines and students at various points in their pre-professional education, the book is particularly well-suited to courses in psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, addiction, and pre-medicine.



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