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American healthcare is worse than you think.

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Because: medical decisions no longer rest with them, yet responsibility and liability do. “Burnout” is pervasive, sometimes severe and disabling; a corporately driven conveyor belt of drive-by 8–10-minute patient visits; the nastiness and wasted time of Prior and Continued Care Approvals; and so on.

You don’t have to believe me. Take a look at this article in the New England Journal of Medicine issue of September 15, 2023: A Doctrine in Name Only — Strengthening Prohibitions against the Corporate Practice of Medicine, Zhu, JM, Rooke‐Ley, H & Brown, EF. The authors diplomatically assert that “…laws could be useful guardrails to ensure that physicians’ clinical decisions and professional autonomy aren’t superseded by corporate pressures.”

Profit, not patients, is producing the rapidly growing corporate, de-humanization of medical care. Where quantity trumps quality. Where American healthcare costs (the highest in the world) rise every year. Where we certainly are not getting our money’s worth or what we can trust is in the patient’s best interest.

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